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dr. bontempi's snake oil company

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Western Thursday Pre-Party:

Frenetisch gefeiert auf Festivals in U.S.A und England: Was als kleines Nebenprojekt anfing hat sich zum Geheimtipp für Folk-Fans und Freunde alter Country- & Western-Musik aus aller Welt gemausert!

Kein Wunder, denn wo kann man heutzutage so etwas noch hören, geschweige denn, live und in Farbe sehen?

Die Schlangenöl-Kompanie des Herrn Dr. Bontempi (bekannt unter anderem als Leadsänger der MONTESAS) serviert nämlich authentische, wilde, alte Tanzmusik, schmissigen Hillbilly-Blues-Stomp und extatischen Western-Swing allererster Kajüte - mit Hundehüttenbass, Schlaggitarre, Fiedel, Hawaiigitarre, Stromgitarre und Chorgesang - und serviert ihre ganz eigenen Versionen alter Gassenhauer aus dem Wilden Westen der 30er bis 50er.

Wenn Dr. Bontempi's SNAKE OIL Company zum Tanz aufspielt, swingt und schunkelt, rockt und schaukelt es wie in einem Saloon aus den schwarz-weiß Western-Filmen. Und als wäre das nicht genug, tritt die Schlangenöl-Kompanie stilecht in spitzen Stiefeln, Anzughosen und Westernhemden auf. Als kleines extra Schmankerl kann man sich

Dr. Bontempi's original Schlangenöl sogar mit nach Hause nehmen, aber - VORSICHT! Nur ein Tropfen am Tag!


susan brown & the ballin' keen



by King D. from Vienna supported by Chris Aron & The Fantastic Croakers



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blaze & the sharp cats

lonesome carroll         rockabilly show (Hu)

44 shakedown (NL)


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'Shakedown' is a term that was used by the mafia in the old days and didn’t bode well. But prefix it with '44' and you’ve got 44 Shakedown; A band that will do almost anything to get you to rattle your bones and shake your feet.


These refined musicians from Rotterdam are dealing in 1940s and 1950s Rhythm ‘n’ Blues and Rock 'n' Roll with blistering saxes and hot guitar licks.


In their 12-year existence they have left their mark on the renowned Rhythm & Blues and Rock 'n' Roll festivals and in the countless juke joints and cocktail bars at home and abroad.


With a new pressed 45 rpm vinyl single and a great set of rockin’ tunes they’ll be at the White ’n’ Blue stage on Saturday to get all you cats and kittens a-jumping and a-jiving!




Jackson sloan

 feat. Drew Davies Rhythm Combo


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SchallPlattenunterhalter (DJs)

kevin cutter (d)

Rambling hoss (D)


boppin' bangles

king d (AT)


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shakedown benny (NL)


Before he was born Benny was already rockin’ to Elvis’ songs in his mother’s belly. Then as a kid growing up with his dad’s records of Bill Haley, lightning really struck when he heard his older brother play Bluejean Bop by Gene Vincent and Rock Billy Boogie by the Johnny Burnette Trio.


After that Benny got so obsessed with a wide range of old music, he started listening every day to these styles. He even started working 25+ years in record store businesses.


Now next to being a musician in various

Rock 'n' Roll and Rhythm & Blues bands Benny also loves to spin his best 45 RPM records at parties and festivals alongside some of the coolest and rockinest DJs.


Especially the hot rhythms and authentic sounds of eternal youth and original talent recorded for legendary labels such as Chess, Modern, Sun, Meteor, Capitol, Specialty, Starday etc.
Rhythm & Blues, Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, Hillbilly, DooWop, Surf, Instrumentals, Blues-Boppers and so on.


And now Benny’s gonna spin some non-stop-feel-good-rockin’ tunes at the White ‘n’ Blue Festival that will make you flip your wig!


See you all on the dancefloor!




Micky roman (ch)